Onda Sonora celebrates 15 years behind the decks

August 24, 2015

… and what better way to do so than by inviting a bunch of like-minded souls at Spectakulo, the festival in their hometown Halle where it all started for Bart and Yoeri. Lefto, Phil Asher, DJ Vega, Jugglin’ Discotheque, Wickzzz, Rikkie & Jonathan: they’ll all be joining the party. In style. September 5th. Starts at noon (jeu de boules, anyone?). Do. Not. Sleep.


50 hours of Beurssc5ouwburg

February 5, 2015

Make sure to drop by the Beursschouwburg in the 50 hours to come. They celebrate their 50th birthday in a way only they can, with an impressive tight-stuffed scedule of performances, concerts, workshops, film screenings and parties. On Saturday, Onda Sonora is playing the 22tracks party alongside respected DJs like Jon K (UK), Nosedrip, Lefto, Sixsixsixties, DJ Reedoo, Kong & Gratts and Captan Stairlight amongst others. Good luck entering though, because the party is sold out. Keeping an eye on the party’s facebook event page for people that sell their tickets seems like the last possible option to get in.




worldwide release: MonkeyRobot – Earshot EP

October 3, 2014

Today is a very good day! The sun is out (in Brussels, that is), the weekend is just around the corner and… we’re celebrating the worldwide release of MonkeyRobots Earshot EP! The record is released on the forward-thinking Darker Than Wax label and features 7 (!) new tracks. I had the privilege to have the 7-track EP on constant repeat the last couple of days and I can assure you: this is what one might call essential. All tracks keep growing on you, sounding better, fresher and more versatile at every, well, earshot. A true treat. This is how the label, Darker Than Wax, puts it:

Earshot” has a lovely intro in High Five, which kicks off with a wonky bassline before flipping into a total fusion workout. This immediately sets the tone for the Ep. “Dumpster Diving” takes over with a House mode, one which would prove to be extremely useful in getting a floor started. Beau on the other hand, provides a shade of contrast, with Glaper-esque keys which illuminate the journey of the album. The energy picks up again with the ethnic percussions and half step breakdown of Shango, showcasing the multi-faceted side of this duo, while “Bright” morphs into a late night House workout once again, this time employing slight Techno elements in its composition. And finally, capping off the Ep is “Generation”, a slick dub blend – the oscillating synths blanketed over groovy basslines are ingeniously comforting and catchy, ending the album on an exulting note.  The subtle dexterity of MonkeyRobots shines through their compositional arrangements – making this one of Darker Than Wax’s most palatable releases so far. 

Need we say more? Go to the Darker Than Wax bandcamp page where buying the Earshot EP gives you a sure (ear)shot at starting the weekend properly. And to all of you promoters out there: the release of the Earshot EP comes with a steaming new live show of course. So get in touch!


Bedroom Beats back to school

September 2, 2014

… although everybody knows it’s the other way around. Soundboldly.be - the infamous Onda Sonora & On-Point collab in constant search of fresh musical talent – is ready for a new season of BEDROOM BEATS. They aim (and constantly succeed) at schooling and pleasing all of you forward-thinking music lovers searching for the same freshness in electronic music.

Let us remind you the Bedroom Beats basics:

WHEN: Every first Tuesday of the month. Demo session (got beats? this way!) at 8pm, first show around 9.
WHERE: Bonnefooi, Brussels. One of Brussels finest and, again, most musically forward-thinking venues.
WHO: The most exciting Belgian electronic music producers, on the verge of a(n) (inter)national breakthrough. Check the impressive list of past Bedroom Beats guests here.
ENTRANCE: It’s free!

Oh… one more thing: the first edition of the new season is TONIGHT!

See you there at Bonnefooi ce soir.



Onda Sonora plays 25 years VK concerts

June 5, 2014

On June 21st VK CONCERTS celebrates their 25th (!) birthday with a superb line-up, featuring some exciting live acts and DJs like Max Romeo, Puppetmastaz, Stuff., Dorian Concept, Souleance, Kutmah and our very own Onda Sonora. Vaartkapoen (VK) has always been one of Brussels most forward-thinking venues. Needless to say Bart (and Yoeri, although a tad bit younger) was a frequent visitor of VK as from day one. Care to hear stories about dress codes in the early 90s, when going to a Rage Against the Machine gig at VK in 1993 for example? He’ll tell you all about it in a couple of weeks.



What to do on a Friday night? Let’s build a soundsystem!

February 20, 2014

Phonetics, Baptist and their mates at 54kolaktiv are hosting a benefit at Ancienne Belgique for their growfunding project called Discobar Bruxelles. Joining the line-up: Onda Sonora, Nosedrip, Franky Jones, Dynooo, DJ Gibbe Popcorn, Sagat, Cupp Cave and many more. Find out all about the project here. And donate while partying here:


Love will save the day

February 13, 2014

And if that day happens to be Valentine’s Day, Onda Sonora is happy to provide it with a suitable
soundtrack. Bart & Yoeri made a sleazy soul valentine special for all you lovers with sneaky thoughts.
So all you need to do is cook a decent meal, get some of the finest wine and click on the play or
download (OH YES, FREE DOWNLOAD!!) button below.

And show some love back to them boys afterwards, will ya?

Slow & Sleazy Soul Valentine Special by Ondasonora on Mixcloud

Pierre Anckaert & Tom Van Dyck 4-tet present…

October 30, 2013


UNION MATCH! And what a match that is: Tom Van Dyck on sax, Pierre Anckaert
on piano, Hendrik Vanattenhoven on double bass and Mimi Verderame on drums.
Needless to say more, I guess. Except maybe that they present their new album in
the legendary Sounds Club in Ixelles/Elsene on Friday November 1st. If the line-up
and location aren’t convincing (which would be very odd if you ask me), you can find
some audio samples of the new record here. So I’ll be seeing all of you jazz cats at Sounds!


Errorism meets Charles Bradley

October 28, 2013

Ruben (1/2 of Errorism) is an overall nice guy and an excellent producer, you all knew that. But since a year or so he’s also been making reports for Brussels regional station tvbrussel. And he’s doing a great job at that, aiming for perfection as he does alongside Quentin with the Errorism productions and dj sets. Check the interview he did with soul phenomenon Charles Bradley below and judge for yourself. By the way, Quentin and Ruben are also working hard on the release of their first EP. More about that in the weeks to come.

Ruben in a quatre-mains with Chilly Gonzales anyone?

Official videoclip for Brusseleiro by 74 Miles Away

September 11, 2013


74 Miles Away – Gear Change from kelly's heroes on Vimeo.

now comes…

BRUSSELEIRO (OFFICIAL VIDEO CLIP) from the album GEAR CHANGE by 74 Miles Away from Sylvain Nouveau on Vimeo.

now you know you’ve got to check them live here…

24/10/13 Rockerill, Charleroi
20/11/13 Democrazy w/ The Heliocentrics | Handelbeurs, Gent
30/11/13 Funkfood | Den Amer, Diest